Why Is There So Much Downtime On PSN These Days? Does it affect your health?


In recent times, PlayStation (PSN) gamers have found themselves experiencing downtime when using online services on either PlayStation 3 or four. For instance, according to the Sony PSN status, several services have been experiencing problems. However, after a short while, both pages listed account management and gaming and social as running again. The result is most gamers have been wondering when the services will return to long-term stability. In this post, we’ll look at the possible reasons and effects in detail.

The Issues Appear To Be Connected

Social media platforms reported that the issues could be connected. For example, login issues and spotty service was reported, after the PlayStation service page listed the issues as corrected. On the other hand, Sony hasn’t commented on these issues.

The Issues Are Causing Problems for Gamers

When playing some games using the offline mode, they are supposed to give you a reliable online mode. The outages reported are causing problems for many gamers, which is one issue that many don’t expect from the Sony service. Keep in mind that some of the games weren’t accessible to preorder customers for some days. It’s one issue that we expect Sony to resolve. The PSN Blog recently wrote about this, and it’s truly an interesting read.

Extended Outages Are Causing Problems for Users

When using paid services, for example, Xbox Live and PSN, gamers are supposed to a subscription fee monthly in order to use the services for multiple playing. In the past few years, both of the services have been stable, but the recent outages are causing frustrations.


One hope is that Sony will solve the problem on their PlayStation. That’s because many users have been hoping to get some game time, which means the servers should be up and running. Keep in mind that paid services should be reliable. Users want value for their money, meaning Sony should find out what the problem is. For more information, we’ll keep you posted on their response.