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Why You Need to Trim Your Dog’s Nails

August 18, 2018

You know what they say! Good health for your dog begins with the perfect pedicure! As a dog owner, one of your jobs is to keep your dog’s claws in a sensible length regardless of whether your dog can tolerate having its nails clipped or not.

Importance of Trimming

Here are the reasons why you have to cut your dog’s nails:

  • dog-nailsLong nails can snag on carpets and other types of flooring
  • Having long nails can stop your dog’s nails from ingrowing and curling around
  • Trimming their nails can prevent infection
  • Nails that are way too long can cause your dog’s feet to get out of alignment
  • Long nails can cause problems with the flow of energy
  • Long nails can cause discomfort, affect your dog’s health, and cause a range of problems. Remember, your dog’s body is made up of electromagnetic particles which need to be in sync for the dog to be healthy and happy.
  • Your dog’s nails are a part of its anatomy and long nails can change the manner by which your dog moves and carries itself. The altered way can cause the bones in its feet to sit at a different angle, thereby putting pressure on the joints. You may find this a bit overreacting, but over time, it can cause joint pain and even arthritis.

If you love your dog, you’ll do everything to prevent all these problems, right? Plus, trimming your dog’s nails will mean safety for you too, because you won’t be scratched by their excessively long nails.

Different Trimming Methods

Now, there are different ways to trim your dog’s nails. You can use a nail clipper, but be sure that you’ll only use the correct size. An oversized one may cause you to slip and cut more than the nail you have to trim.


You can even use a small Dremel (a small battery-operated rotary sander) to trim and maintain your dog’s nails. A Dremel comes with a grinding tool, which can quickly and efficiently sand off some part of your dog’s nails. This handyman tool is beneficial to use for this purpose because you can round and buff the edges of your dog’s nail for a softer finish, instead of dealing with the points after using clippers.

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dog-cute-puppyWhatever technique you use, just be sure that it’s best for your dog. Don’t cut too much of your dog’s nail in a single seating. In case you didn’t know, dogs have quick in their nails, and that quick contains blood vessels and nerves. Be careful not to cut them out or else they’ll bleed. Cut only a tiny amount of nail at a time and make sure your dog gets used to the trimming. It’s for his/her safety anyway.